Absence Reporting/Student Illness

We’re excited to announce that the ability to submit student absences is now available in PowerSchool! Please refer to the EICS Parent Technology Handbook for instructions on how to report you child's absence, early departure, leave & return or multiple day absence.

Please also notify your teacher with a Dojo message or a note sent with your child

For any last minute Early Departures, please call the office before you arrive so we can make arrangements for your child to come to the office for pick up. 

This EICS Parent Handbook contains details on many other PowerSchool functions, such as viewing grades and report cards, paying fees, and updating student information (including medical information).

Our Elk Island Catholic Schools IT department is continuing to work on implementing additional features, so keep an eye out in our Smores for future updates!

AHS Back to School Health - Family Resources

Please click this link for access to the Alberta Health Services website. 

AHS Guide for Illness in School

For information regarding student illness please click the link below to access the Alberta Health Services website which includes the following information:

"It is recommended that symptomatic individuals stay at home until they are feeling well,
are able to fully participate in all normal school activities and have reached the end of
the recommended isolation period (as applicable):

  • Respiratory Illness - Isolation recommendations can be found here
  • Gastrointestinal Illness - 48 hours after symptoms resolve
  • Rash Illness – depends on the type of rash that is present
    - Cases with rash illness do not need to be excluded if others at the school
    were already exposed to the case while infectious and the case is feeling
    well enough to fully participate in all normal school activities unless
    exclusion is specifically recommended by the AHS Public Health Outbreak

 Guide for Outbreak Prevention and Control in Schools