Religious Education

Our EICS Division Principal of Faith & Wellness Formation coordinates the Division's religious education and health and life skills programs. Paul works closely with religious leaders, students, staff, and families to ensure EICS is providing quality, Catholic education. 

Jody Seymour, Director of Student and Staff Formation
Phone: 780-747-2513    Email:

Andrea Haston, Religious Consultant, EICS     Email:


Bringing the Gospel values to life

Together with parents and parish, we provide authentic  opportunities for our students to experience and live their faith journeys daily. Students get involved in various charitable events, helping those in need in our own community and the world at large. We begin each week as a faith community to hear scripture, pray, and celebrate together. Staff and students integrate our Catholic faith daily through stories, prayer, and experiences. We model that every person is loved and valued and together, our Saint John XXIII community continues to grows in love and faith.