Our Staff 2019-2020

Team St. John XXIII 2019 - 2020


Administrative Leadership Team:

Mrs. Bonnie-Lynne Boehm-Principal Email

Mrs. Cathy Hinger-Assistant Principal Email


Mrs. Jackie Comartin-Chaplain Email

Ms. Rita Astalosch - Collaborative Response Coordinator Email

Mrs. Eleanor Heesing - *Family Wellness Worker Email

Ms. Barb Potter - Secretary Email

Mrs. Virginia Merrick - Librarian



Early Learning Team:

Ms. Sue Dexter - Pre-Kindergarten Email

Mrs. Amy Ekdahl  - Kindergarten Email

Grade 1 Team:

Mrs. Lesley Holt Email

Ms. Stephanie Bennett Email

Grade 2 Team:

Mrs. Justine Wright Email

Mrs. Lisa Morin Email

Mrs. Yvette Morin Email

Grade 3 Team:

Ms. Ronalee Bourassa Email

Mrs. Stephanie Scott Email

Grade 4 Team:

Mrs. Jacqueline Comartin  Email

Mrs. Cathy Hinger Email

Music Team:

Mrs. Melanie Doderai Email

Mrs. Sarah Schaub Email


Support Staff:

Mrs. Jacqui White

Mrs. Lindsey Luyckfassel

Mrs. Gwen Manca

Mrs. Sheri McCoy

Mrs. Michelle Mudry

Mrs. Karen Colgan 

Mrs. Adrienne Little

Ms. Kristen Menzak

Mrs. Michelle Bazin


Early Learning Support Team: 

Mrs. Ellen Bailey - Speech Pathologist (Pre-K/Kindergarten) Email

Ms. Chelsea Robinson-OT 

Ms. Marissa Thomas-SLP Assistant 



Mrs. Lenora Trainor - Head Caretaker 

Mr. Moises Pineda - Evening Caretaker


*Family Wellness Workers provide emotional, behavioural, and social support to students and families. They work directly with clients in the home, school or community to assess needs, set goals, and to plan appropriate support and intervention strategies. They will ensure the most efficient and effective delivery of services for families by identifying and eliminating overlaps and gaps to make the best possible use of community, school, and provincial resources.  Find more information here.