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A Message from Mrs. Boehm-March 18th

We have been working very hard to respond and adjust to the new normal of connecting and supporting our students in the midst of the current landscape. Like each of you, I feel discombobulated and my heart misses your kids immensely. Being with the kids is my absolute favourite part of being a principal. Today, my pup, Ted, came with me to school to bring some smiles to our staff. The last time Ted visited, our school was full of smiling kids who loved to greet him and give him a pet. Today-even Ted was looking for them. 

Although these times are difficult and we are all trying our very best to respond to today's situation, what I do know for sure is this-we will persevere to connect to one another and we will continue to Love-First, Last and Always. There is calm in connection and you cannot cancel hope or faith or love. As our Patron Saint, Saint John XXIII reminds us, "What unites us, is much greater than what divides us".

Take good care of one another. Please say hello to your kids from me and next week, we will resume some of our daily and weekly Saint John XXIII routines as a school community. ❤️Mrs. Boehm

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