Registration for ECS 2016/17 now open!

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Elk Island Catholic Schools now has an Online Registration System to collect and process student registrations.

This Online Registration process allows parents to submit registration packages for children to the school at their convenience, and helps ensure that registration packages contain all the necessary information for processing.  Collecting this information online saves time for everyone.

If you already have a PowerSchool account created (no matter which EICS school or schools your children already attend), you can submit your online registration by logging into PowerSchool, clicking on “Student Forms” and choosing “Add Student”.

If you do not currently have a PowerSchool account, you can create an account for the forms management system by visiting the EICS Registration website and following the steps listed.  Once you create an account and log into the tool, you too will be able to submit a registration for a new child by clicking the “Add student” button that appears.

More information will be visible at the sites themselves, assisting you through the process.  Please make sure that you have a scan of the student’s Birth certificate and Baptismal certificate (if applicable) and any other relevant documentation that would be submitted during the student’s registration (eg. Custody order, Guardianship Order, legal documents, etc.).

Also, if your child will require bussing, please follow the instructions, on the registration form, below where you indicated that you do require bussing, or go to our school website and click on “Transportation” in the blue box on the left hand side, then click on “Transportation Requests” in the toolbar and then from the dropdown menu select “Transportation Request Form”.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact our school secretary, Jeannette Wilson, at 780-998-7777.

Thank you.

Tracy Melnyk
St. John XXIII School